Saturday, 10 December 2016



The both of us were so exhausted, that we slept off on top each other unclad.
My phone rang throughout the night but I could not pick it, as I saw it as disturbance.
More also I don't make night calls, because my night rest is more important.
 --  --  --

I was woken up by Lillian who has already prepared for lectures.
I did some exercise, took my bath and got prepared for lectures.
I brought out my bag, and with the help of my time table I picked up the three notes for that day's lecture which I placed inside the bag.
Lillian washed the dishes, tidy up the house and while dressing the bed, she saw my handset which she gave to me.
I wanted to put it inside my pocket but quickly remembered it rang last night.
I searched the missed calls and saw 7missed calls from Jerry, and 2mised calls from Chekwube.
I was so confused to see Chekwube miss calls, I taught she never wanted to see me again, because of the attitude she carried the previous day in school. I could even remembered I called her that same day, which she didn't respond.
Jerry in the other hand could only call me if he wants to see me or have something important to tell me.
Come to think of it, the last time we saw and talked was the day I discharge Rukky. He was there when I was beaten closed to death.
To clear all doubt, I decided to dial Jerry's number to hear from him.
 It rang up to three times, before Jerry managed to pick up;
ME: Guy Watin dey sup for your corner?
JERRY: You won tell me say you nor see my call last night?
ME: Brotherly, I saw it but couldn't pick because I was really weak and  exhausted...
JERRY: Bad guy, you nor need to tell me before I go know say na shawama take all your strength
ME: Na you know, so what's the koko?
JERRY: Nor be small tin last night oo, your girl go take angle90 (mosquito killer) planning to kill herself. Na my girlfriend Aghogho when won go collect knife from her, God use take save her oo otherwise she for be 'gone too soon' . Come see the way She dey jerk like who get convulsion.
ME: Jesus!!! When and How?
(Lillian who was waiting patiently, started asking me what the problem was)
JERRY: It happened around 11PM yesterday. We carried her to the hospital, and after some treatment administered by the doctor, she opened her eyes and told us she is tired of this life and Will take her life, so she can die and rest with God, because life will be worthless without You
ME: Without me!!! This is serious, which hospital?
JERRY: Bryant clinic
ME: I promised to be there after lectures
JERRY: you know say e' don tai we see. So if you dey go there halla me, so dat I go join you
ME: No problem, I will do as you said.

I ended the call, placed the phone inside my pocket and raised up my head, only to see Lillian staring at me strangely;
LILLIAN: Who were you talking to on phone?
ME: That my friend Jerry, the guy that was with me in the hospital when Rukky was shot
LILLIAN: What news did he pass? Because with the look on your face, all is not well
ME: Yes
LILLIAN: What happened?

I told her everything but all she could say was that I should not make the mistake of seeing Rukky in the hospital.
She was emphasising on the fact that, Rukky Father warned me not to get close to his daughter again.
She said Rukky Dad must have heard of what happened the previous night, and could be in the hospital or send Officer Ken there....
After all her advised, I decided not to visit Rukky again, and went with her to school.
--  --  --
She first of all took me to my department, before going to her's.
Before she left, she asked me to turn around to the driver's side where she was, and give her a kiss. I didn't hesitate as I gladly meet her plea, by kissing her.
I never knew kissing her will bring about catastrophe . I bade her goodbye, turned around only to find Chekwube staring at us through the window of our lecture hall.
Immediately I looked at her, she removed her face from my sight, pretending to be having conversation with the girl she was sitting with.