Saturday, 10 December 2016



I entered the lecture hall with the intention of saying "Hi" to Chekwube, only to find her leaving the seat for another seat, as soon as I approached her.
I had no other choice than to let her be, and made another attempt before the end of the day's lectures.
Actually I'm the kind of person that hate appealing to girls. For sure i hated it, but Chekwube's case is different. I took her as my blood sister, and someone I couldn't live without.
Different students were found reading in preparation of our forthcoming examination, but I couldn't study since my reading mate wasn't happy with me.
The sadness in my face was so obvious, that the whole class noticed it.
So many girls in the department came to me that moment, to cheer me up. Some were telling jokes, while others were begging me to put them through in one or two courses.
I really wanted to help those that wanted me to teach them, but I didn't turn in to their request, as I was bitterly wounded deep within.
After about 2hrs of sober reflection, and waiting for first class to commenced. I decided to meet up with the lecturer we had for that period.
I called Jossy my assistant, who accompanied me to the lecturer's office;
ME: Good morning sir
LECTURER: How may I help you, my boy?
ME: Sir, we are supposed to have your class, by our time table
LECTURER: Yea, I'm aware of that. Less I forgot you guys are new in the school?
ME: Yes Sir
LECTURER: Oh! I see, well this week is revision week, and next week is a free week for you guys to conclude your revision. Most lecturers won't be coming to class, but that doesn't mean you won't come to school. Do you understand me?
ME: Yes sir
LECTURER: I was supposed to come but we have a meeting in the HOD's (Head of Department) offices so I don't think myself and my colleagues will come. All you have to do is to announce to the class that, they should spend a lot of time in the library if the class is not conducive for them. And always come to school
ME: Okay sir
LECTURER: I know you are the class rep of ND1 but I have forgotten your name
ME: I'm Ayis Eliboy Sir
LECTURER: Yea! Yea! Thanks for reminding me. I really wanna congratulate you, ever since I started lecturing in this school, no student have scored 20 in my test. But you broke that record, I must let you know that other lecturers are talking good about you and you must keep it up.
ME: I'll sir
LECTURER: You may take your leave.. Wait a minute, who is the boy with you?
ME: My assistant, Jossy by name
LECTURER: Okay, you both should drop your names with me

Jossy brought out a jotter, tore a piece of paper from it where we wrote down our names.
I presented the paper to the Lecture, after which we both left the office and went to our department to drop the news.
--  --  --
After the announcement that was made by myself and Jossy to those present in the class. The whole class became rowdy.
Some student went to the library, while others to divers places.
I taught of going to the school library or love garden but couldn't meet up with a final conclusion, when Lillian call came in.
I dropped my bag on the desk I was standing closed to, and picked up;
ME: Hello!
LILLIAN: Hi my chocomilo!
ME: How is lectures going?
LILLIAN: A boring lecturer just left the class, and another lecturer whose course I hate most just entered
ME: You are not supposed to hate any course dear
LILLIAN: I know but this course always gives me stress
ME: What course is that?
LILLIAN: Must you know, you are not in my DP (department) so forget it. I'm about leaving the class to the school canteen, and I hope to see you there
ME: Why the school cateen? Aside that you are not supposed to skip any lecture
LILLIAN: Please Choco, meet me there, I'm hungry and have to take something. I know you are hungry too
ME: I'm not hungry and can't be hungry
LILLIAN: Why do you say so?
ME: Dear I said so because I don't have appetite
LILLIAN: Come jhoor, you too do...
ME: Hmmmm. Okay i'm coming

After the call has ended, I turned back to pick up my bag and found chekwube right behind me.
I was once again speechless, as my lips fluctuated periodically.
I knew she heard my conversation with Lillian, but what does she want? Is the only question I could ask myself at that moment.