Saturday, 10 December 2016



There was no doubt she has something to say, hence her sudden appearance.
Her eyes threw tension into my soul, as she looked me continuously from the crown of my head to the sole of my feet.
We were both staring at each other, which causes my heart to pound heavily.
I really can't faced her one on one, at that moment. I felt guilty, but don't know where to start from.
I knew at this point, I got no words that can be best arranged in the form of sentence, to convinced her.
I stylishly removed my focus on her, and faced the desk.
We remained deadlocked, just like the Statue of Liberty in London.
Myself and Chekwube became incoherent and tongue-tied for almost 5mins, before she finally spewed her anger;
CHEKWUBE: So you can't face me anymore?
ME: **still unable to speak**
CHEKWUBE: Eli there is no doubt about the fact that you took me as your younger sister, but why can't you keep to your words?
ME: **I was still voiceless** (but managed to face her)
CHEKWUBE: You told me Lillian was a very bad and dangerous girl. I taught you were working on how to discard her, not knowing you are building an electrovalent bond with her. Its quite painful that you're not plain to me, but God knows I meant no harm towards you
(Tears forming on her eyes)
ME: Chekwube, I must confess to you that the whole scenario is complicated. I didn't lied to you in anyway, she was really dating Batam and I taught she was into cultism, but with the look of things she wasn't. She genuinely loves me and has done alot for me
CHEKWUBE: Is that all you can come up with?
ME: I'm not trying to cover up for her, neither am I calling her a saint but she has won my heart convincingly.
CHEKWUBE: I wish your new relation well
(Leaving the lecture hall)

I knew Chekwube was really mad at me, but there was no way I could help save our friendship.
I watch her as she walked fast out of the class. I couldn't let go of our friendship, and had to do something.
I rushed out of the lecture hall, and shouted her name. She stood at the point she was, and I got no other choice than to meet up with her;
ME: I wanna ask you for one last favour
CHEKWUBE: One favour you said?
ME: Yes, just one favour
CHEKWUBE: Go ahead
ME: Can we still be friends? I mean can I still have you as my besty?
CHEKWUBE: **after a minute of silence** Is that the favour you are asking for?
ME: Yes
CHEKWUBE: Sure, I still take you as my Bigbrother
ME: Thanks alot
CHEKWUBE: Can I go now?
ME: Please, just one more thing
CHEKWUBE: Okay, what is it?
ME: Lillian is waiting for me in the school canteen, and I would love you to accompany me there
CHEKWUBE: I am going to the library to study ahead of our examination, so I can't go with you
ME: Please na, remember you are my besty oo
CHEKWUBE: **blushing** Okay fine, I'll go with you
ME: Thanks, but I have another request
CHEKWUBE: Your are really funny, from one to another. What is it this time?
ME: Have you accepted Lillian as my girlfriend
CHEKWUBE: I can't answer that question now, Rukky is still fresh in my mind for you.
ME: I can swear with my Father's corpse that I still love Rukky, and will always love her. But I came here to fight for my education and not for love. The truth is that if I am given the power to make "a particular thing possible right now" I will make Rukky's Dad to accept me. But that can't be possible in this life, not when the Dad has already chosen a suitor for her.
CHEKWUBE: Well you are right
ME: Let's get going, We will talk about that later

I hugged her passionately for some seconds, before we left for the school canteen.
Reaching there, Lillian has finished eaten the vegetation soup she ordered;
LILLIAN: Hi Chekwube!
CHEKWUBE: Hi big sist
LILLIAN: This your brother of a guy is annoying oo
CHEKWUBE: How do you mean?
ME: You called me here to chick me eh?
LILLIAN: Not only to chick you but to eat you up like chicken. I told you I am hungry, but it took you almost an hour to meet me up
ME: But you have eaten already
LILLIAN: And so? Abegi.... My Chekwube What do you want to take?
CHEKWUBE: Anything
ME: Madam oooo, please get us two plate of friend rice
LILLIAN: I taught you said you are not hungry?
ME: Dey there make pant dey wear you
LILLIAN: Funny boy

Myself and Chekwube ate the rice happily, and was taken to my house by Lillian.
She didn't pass the night in my house, because I told her Myself and Chekwube has just 1week, to prepare for our forthcoming exams...