Saturday, 10 December 2016



Ever since that day, Chekwube and I started living as best of friends.
She gradually wear away the emotional feelings she once had for me.
We read together, and passed our exams with flying colours. Nobody dares her in the polytechnic, without facing my wrath.
Concerning my new relationship with Lillian, we were one of the best lovers on earth. We learnt how to love ourselves without any external influence.
We spent nights either in my house or hers, without being afraid of Batam and Favour coming to intrude.
She made me see reasons to forge ahead in life, and never bothered my mum with money or any pressing need.
Even with the smooth movement of things, I still did not stopped thinking about Rukky.
Her image was the reflection I always saw whenever I'm facing any mirror, be it convex or concave.
She was just like a sore in my heart.
I was never in a day felt complete, even though I didn't make it opened to those around me, not even Chekwube.
I was thinking Nature will bring us back, but I never saw her again.
Sometimes i will be pushed to dial her line, but it never went through. Always switched off.
This left me with the conclusion, that she has forgotten about me totally.
I knew she was still in the school, but felt she decided not to follow the route to my departmental building anymore, and passes the back gate to her house.
Hmmmm!!! Favour and her brother Batam, they never for once get off my brain.
I always watched my back, should in case they strike.
I heard they were later freed but cautioned never to be seen in the town, nor the school premises.
It was as if they obeyed the instruction passed to them, as nobody could see them around or hear their stories.


As at this time, Lillian who finished her HND the very first year I entered the school, started working in her Mother's office as her secretary.
She also owed a very big computer training centre in South Africa, which was set up for her by her parents.
Lillian foresee all my expenses while in school, and with her connections I was able to secure a Job in Shalom Laboratory, situated in warri.
I worked there as an industrial base student (I.T student).
I knew Rukky must have also finished her ND also, because herself and Jerry were in ND2 when I gained admission into the school.
The only thing I don't know is if she furthered, because Jerry who bought HND form from Yabatech in Lagos state, has resumed lectures.
Chekwube was doing her 1yr I.T (Industrial Training) in her place (sapele).
I still kept in touch with Chekwube my besty, and Lillian my girlfriend.
--  --  --
One fateful morning, I was in my place of work when I heard Lillian's voice. I dash off from the inner laboratory and went to the reception to see if it was truly Lillian.
Sure, it was Lillian, we both hugged each other after which we went to a nearby beer parlour to discuss;
LILLIAN: My Guy, My Guy
ME: My bae for life, you are welcome to warri. What will you take?
LILLIAN: Just malt
ME: You would have requested for alcohol na?
LILLIAN: You know I don't play with alcohol, but i'm going to my uncle's house immediately I leave here
ME: Okay. Oh boy! abeg bring one malt and one big bottle of orijin.
(Referring to the bar attendant)
LILLIAN: So tell me, how are you coping with your Job?
ME: I can't lie to you dear, the job is not an easy one oo. But i'm trying sha
LILLIAN: I know the pay is very small, but I assure you that after your 1yr I.T here, they will employ you as a full time worker. I have already told my uncle, who is the owner of the lab about that.
ME: Thanks bae
LILLIAN: Don't mention.
ME: So what brought you to warri?
LILLIAN: I actually came because of you, I know after this moment we won't be seeing each other anymore. If we happened to meet again, it will be by chance.

Her statements were very strange, that I can't generate a meaning from it.
I couldn't wait for her to unveil what she meant by "If we happened to meet again, it will be by chance"