Saturday, 10 December 2016


continuation from last scene

Actually, I wasn't that conversant with the voice, but with the name she called I knew I can never forget her;
CALLER: Hello Eli ! it's me Veronica, I believe you still know me?
Hello! Hello! Can you hear me?
ME: Hello ma! I can hear you
OFFICER VERONICA: I really want to see you now.
ME: I don't think it will be possible, because am at work
OFFICER VERONICA: How about in the evening?
ME: You are in Abuja and I'm in Warri, so it will be difficult for us to see
OFFICER VERONICA: I am in warri as I talk to you, presently in Tegaton hotel
ME: Tegaton?
OFFICER VERONICA: Yes, so can we meet in the evening?
ME: Okay...
OFFICER VERONICA: Please don't fail to be there
ME: I won't fail
**call hanged**

The call from Officer Veronica really baffled me, as I never expected any call from her after 2yrs.
What could be the latest thread? I asked myself, not having a convincing answer to clear my imbalance conscience.
--  --  --
As soon as I got home, I hastily tidy up some things in the house that needs to be fixed, before entering the bathroom to freshen up myself.
In due course, I was 100% good to go. I wore my Yankee perfume and left the house without telling my mum where I was going to.
In the next 20mins, I got to the hotel. Locate the room where she asked me to meet her up, through the help of the receptionist and saw her inside, sitting on the bed.
Her eyes were focused on the walls, and it seems she never noticed my presence.
I took my time in observing her.
Within her lies a taught of vengeance, but her outward look tells she is being pissed off. Just to bring her alive, I greeted her which made her shocked and composed herself;
ME: Good evening ma'am
OFFICER VERONICA: Evening Eli, I know you are surprised I called you when you less expected my call
ME: Yes, it's been long and I couldn't hold myself behind, but honour your call.
OFFICER VERONICA: Please come and seat down, what am about unveiling to you needs to be handled with delicacy
**I walked to the bed where she was sitting, and sat close to her**
OFFICER VERONICA: I believe you know about Officer Ken and Rukky Intended marriage?
ME: Yes ma'am
OFFICER VERONICA: The marriage has been scheduled to hold on the 23rd of this month which is this week Saturday. And you know Saturday is 2days from now
ME: Yes I know. Are you telling me this to weaken my nerves, and get me emotionally bothered that someone I love is getting married to another man?
OFFICER VERONICA: That is out of the whole game. I knew you love the girl and I want you to save her life even though you guys are no more together
ME: How do you mean by saving her life?
OFFICER VERONICA: Fine, I'll tell you all that has been going on, first I will start with mine
ME: Go ahead
OFFICER VERONICA: Officer Ken was into drug. I never knew that was his business then, as we both lived together happily. Because of his black business which made him to have issues with the military, his father used his connection as the Speaker of the house of representative to made him a Navy officer. I was in the force before his arrival to the Navy, most promotions that supposed to come my way was blocked by him. He did that to every other officers until he became the head of that base. As his girlfriend, I never complied as I see his success as mine, I also taught that being in the force will make him quit drug but still it became worst...
ME: Can't they query him?
OFFICER VERONICA: They did, but he is so strong that he made his path clean and implicate others. He got me pregnant, and when I asked him to carryout with the marriage rite, he quited the relationship. I threatened to make his black business of hard drug opened to the public, if he fails to take me as his wife. But he worked my transfer out of the town and told me to forget about him entirely that he has gotten someone, which is Rukky
ME: What a cruel fellow, that guy needs to be put behind bars. So what happened to the pregnancy?
OFFICER VERONICA: I have a boy for him now, but I don't care if he goes to jail. I heard from some of his colleagues whom he had betrayed that he has a job with some business client in Dubai. Hence he has scheduled his honey moon in Dubai
ME: Then we can report him to NAFDAC and other government agencies to apprehend him before he take off
OFFICER VERONICA: Yes, and I can't do that without you. With the information I got, the drug has been placed in Rukky's brazilian hair. I don't know how he did it, so you have to talk to Rukky, before the end of today or tomorrow
ME: Okay, I will do that but one more thing
OFFICER VERONICA:  What is that?
ME: I don't have her phone number neither do I know her address here in warri. She once told me she stays in the barrack, and sometimes her grandmother's place
OFFICER VERONICA: You must be fast, and do something as soon as you can.

After our lengthy discussion, I left her in the hotel room and dash off to look for a possible means to save the situation...