Saturday, 10 December 2016



Well I knew I wasn't supposed to disturb his sleep, but I needed to. Especially when it comes to Issues that has conjunction with Rukky.
Obviously, I barely play with issues that had to do with Rukky. She has not for once erased from my heart;
JERRY: Hellllooo
**With a very horrified voice**
ME: Guy its me Eli
JERRY: I know say na you, Watin happen?
ME: Balance your tongue na, abi sleep still dey your eyes?
JERRY: I don balance my tongue, oya you balance your bend-bend mouth. Watin happen when make you dey disturb my sleep, when I don already start to eat big loaf of bread for sizzlers?
ME: Loaf of bread ke! You are so lucky that I disturb you, because it would have turn loaves of pillow in real life while in your dream it is loaf of bread.
JERRY: Na you sabi but next time nor try am, because I go________
ME: Guy abeg pause am there, I need your help presently
JERRY: How? Since when I don turn Jet lin? I nor fit go fight oo
ME: Brotherly, this is not a matter of joke. Its about Rukky's life
JERRY: Lover boy on it again, I taught you two aren't flowing again
ME: I know so, but something disastrous is about taking place in her life, which I must prevent
JERRY: So what role I'm I to play?
ME: Yeah that is my dude speaking. I was told Rukky will be tying the marriage knot with Ken on Saturday, hope you know the ken?
JERRY: Why won't I, Is he not the Navy officer?
ME: Yes
JERRY: I know him, ever since you quit dating Rukky he has been coming around. But I noticed Rukky never for once liked him or give him breaklight. I also heard about the wedding
ME: Do you have idea on how I can get in touch with her?
JERRY: Hmmmm! Idea you say?
ME: Yes, how I can managed to see her
**I was so eager to get a solution from him, but he seems to be more playful**
JERRY: What do you say is about happening to her?
ME: Jerry, please be serious na
JERRY: I be like who nor serious? Guy e' be like say you go cut your call oo, because night call hour don reach and I won call Aghogho my sweetheart
ME: Okay, the husband to be which is officer ken is into drug and presently he is putting the life of Rukky in great danger
ME: I don't really know how he did it, but I was told by a reliable source that he placed some cocaine on the Brazilian hair Rukky fixed for their marriage
JERRY: Who is this reliable source
ME: Why not postpone the interview till we see, let's think of how I can see Rukky  tomorrow
JERRY: Are you telling me or not?
ME: Okay, the reliable source is Officer Ken first date, they were supposed to marry but he left the lady for Rukky. Presently the lady who is also a Navy officer had a boy for him
JERRY: This is serious, did Rukky know about this lady?
ME: That I don't know
JERRY: Okay, I will be in town tomorrow. I think there is a particular girl that knows how we can reach her
ME: Who is she and how can I get in touch with her before you come?
JERRY: She is part of our departmental exco, she was our welfare director while I was the social director. She was the one who sent the IV to all the excos and I learnt she is even the chief bride's maid to Rukky
 ME: Nice, it means she knows much about Rukky then
JERRY: Yes she does, I will send her contact to you
ME: Please do so now.
**call hanged**

I waited for about 25seconds before receiving the girl's phone number from Jerry, via text message.
I hastily dialled the number after saving it to my phone but it was switched off...
My mind became unrest once again, why on earth will this number which is my only hope at this moment couldn't connect.
I later came to a conclusion that she must have switched off her phone to avoid disturbance, and will surely put it on, in the morning.
Sleep was far from me, as I watched the wall clock as it tick from seconds to minutes, and from minutes to hours...
--  --  --
Finally, the day was as bright as an ice.
I couldn't come out from my room, as I see that moment as the moment I have been waiting for. I can now call the number of the girl Jerry sent to me.
To clear all doubt I checked the time once more, and it was 6:55AM. I concluded that by this time all creatures must have woken up.
I quickly dialled the number which was the last dialled contact, and a soprano voice was heard from the other end...