Saturday, 10 December 2016



I don't even know what to reply her immediately she said 'hello'. But for sure I have to say something convincing, to pull her in;
ME: Hello good morning
GIRL: Morning, please who is on the line?
ME: I'm Eli, Rukky's friend
GIRL: So how may I help you?
ME: I was told by Rukky to drop something with you
GIRL: But we spoke not quite long, and she didn't tell me anything of such
**Seems I'm off key. What else can I say now? **
ME: Yes she told me, but she don't want her husband to know about it, that was why she sent me to you
GIRL: So what is the message?
ME: Is something I can't disclose on phone, unless we see
GIRL: I'm preparing to go get some flowers for the decorators, maybe you should meet me up in the reception ground!
ME: Okay then, I'll be there in the next 20mins

As a guyman I took a quick bath, do some little house chores, and hurriedly went to Oke who is my area friend to lend me his car.
Oke being a childhood friend never questioned my plea, he sent his right hand into his back pocket, brought out a single key, and handover it to me;
ME: Thanks brother
OKE: Don't mention, why are we friends?
ME: Friends for life you know. But, I might returned it late this evening
OKE: You have all day...
ME: **smiled at him and walked to where the car was, leaving him behind. Start up the car and drove back to where he was, had short conversation with him and zoom off**

Although, he warned me to be extra careful on the road, since my drivers licence has expired a year back.
But as a Warri guru, who knows the links to every major road (Ikor-ro), I told him I'm a good dodger of police, so he shouldn't worry nor fear about that.
Without doubt I knew I will face quarrel for not going to work, but i really need to sacrifice for my 'sweetest sweet'.
It was a decision that I had already made while with Officer Veronica.
I have zeroed my mind from work that very Friday, and the next day Saturday.
In less than 20mins I was already at Tegaton hotel, which is the venue for the marriage reception.
Lot of faces were there. Some were cleaning the hall, some working outside and others getting engaged with one thing or the other.
I remained in the car, watching the activities going on.
I tried to search for the unknown lady, but my prediction wasn't accurate. I did not even know the face of the person I spoke to on phone not to talk of the name.
After about 5mins of waiting, I called the number.
She didn't allow the phone to ring, as she picked-up almost immediately;
GIRL: I'm at the gate now, sorry for the delay
ME No problem..
**I looked at the gate through the sides mirror, and saw a slim light skinned girl catwalking in**
GIRL:  So where are you?
ME: I'm inside the hotel
GIRL: But I can't see you
ME: I have seen you already, Just stop where you are and look at your right, where the car park is
**I came out from the car and wore my shade(eye glass)**
GIRL: Oh! I can see you now
**She hung the call**

I stood in that same position watching her as she approaches. She stylishly removed her hair from her face by pushing them backward (you know babes normal yanga tins).
I wasn't really carried away by her beauty but what on earth am I going to tell her...
She stood in front of me after exchanging pleasantary, and watched me by my face expecting the message I claimed to have for her from Rukky;
ME: Nice outfit
GIRL: Thank you
ME: Hmmmmmm! What's the name?
GIRL: I am Fabulousvicky but people call me victory because am a victoriouschild
ME: What a name? Combination of metaphor and simile, in conjunction with adverbial phrase that has qualified the noun 'Vicky'
ME: Nothing, Just a compliment. You know my name already
ME: Yes, Well I told you Rukky asked me to drop something with you.
FABULOUSVICKY: That was what you said
ME: You know Jerry right?
FABULOUSVICKY: Yes, he was my course mate and also an exco I worked with in Ozoro poly
ME: Actually, he gave me something private to give to Rukky, but when I called Rukky and told her about it. She send me your contact to meet with you first, that you are the only one who can take me to her
FABULOUSVICKY: So what is that private thing he gave to you?
ME: Like I said its privately meant for her. But there are other imported stuffs for the ring bearer and flower girls
**I didn't know when I voiced out what I said**
FABULOUSVICKY:  Did you just say IM-POR-TED? Oh I have to see them because the florist in charge of the flowers that the decorators and the flower girls will used has failed us. That is exactly where I was coming from
ME: Okay, You shouldn't worry yourself anymore because we got them now. Rukky's number is not even connecting again
FABULOUSVICKY: Its connecting na, I guess she used the number she called me with this morning, to call you
ME: I don't think so, okay call the number let me crosschecked it with mine
FABULOUSVICKY: 07023387211
ME: Its the same number na, how come I can't get in touch with her?
**While she was calling the digit, I quickly dialled it on my phone claiming to be viewing an existing contact**
FABULOUSVICKY: Maybe its the network, don't bothered yourself I will take you to where she is, its not too far from the barrack
ME: What did you just say?
FABULOUSVICKY: She lodged in an hotel closed to Army Barrack at refinery road
ME: You mean the one after Mopol base?
FABULOUSVICKY: Yes, so let me just dropped some ribbon and centre piece, with those decorating the hall. I will join you soon
ME: Okay, I will be waiting..

She hastily left me, and went into the reception hall.
I was in another big soup, that is yet to be carried out from the burning blue flame of an industrial gas.
Imagine me going to an Area, closed to Army Barrack and Mopol base.
Who knows if there is a military personnel monitoring her visitors or her movements?
I didn't even bothered to asked Fabulousvicky, if Officer Ken is there with Rukky.
What a big fuckup I said to myself....