Saturday, 10 December 2016



I had rounds of quarantine meditation, and decided to call Rukky on phone to let her know of my intended mission.
Thank God I have gotten her new line. Its better I call her on phone, instead of taking her unaware 'I said to myself'.
The number rang immediately I dialled it. I was so happy and didn't wasted a seconds in shouting "Hello", with a rising intonation;
RUKKY: Hello! Jude is that you? Why the delay? I told you Fabulousvicky is there in your shop waiting for the Flowers, and you are yet to show up
ME: Rukky! Its not Jude but me Eli. I know you weren't expecting my call, but we really need to see urgently
RUKKY: Which Eli?
ME: Eli, Your one and only sugar boy, your shawama servicer and your yoriyori
RUKKY: Mtcheewwwww!!!!
**Its obvious she didn't wanted to have a talk with me, as she sighed before ending the call...

I knew she was really boiling in anger, but I kept on dialling the number. I tried more than 10 times, but she didn't picked up.
At this point I was lost in thought, and found myself swimming in confusion.
But one thing is certain, weather she pick or not I must still get to her through the lady called Vicky.
I thought Fabulousvicky won't take long in there, just like she said. But it's more than 15mins she went in, and she hasn't returned.
I removed my phone from my pocket again, and dialled Rukky's number once more.
I was thinking she will busy my call or ignored it as she did after I spoked with her, but to my utmost surprise I heard her voice;
RUKKY: What do you want from me Eli?
ME: Please I don't want anything from you, trust me. I just wanna give you a vital information, that will save your life from being jailed
RUKKY: You won't seize to baffle me Eli. You that abandoned me when I needed you to be strong, has now grown to become an avatar within 2yrs.
ME: Please, Just hear me out
RUKKY: See Eli, I don't have any business to do with you anymore. I am baring you number now by putting it on my black list... Lastly, I repeat Lastly, don't bother to look for me
ME: Hello! Hello! Sweetest Sweet! Hello

I redialled her line, but all I could hear from the network server was "Your call is now being forwarded, you can send a voicemail" by pressing 1 or stay on hold. The next minute my airtime will start been exhaustingly consumed...
It was quite unfortunate that I couldn't reach her again on phone, but that won't stopped me from going to the hotel with Fabulousvicky who had volunteered to take me there...
I waited for an additional 5mins before Fabulousvicky finally came out.
She apologized for the delay and hooped in, on the passengers side which was already opened by me.
I closed the door as soon as she seated comfortably, went to the drivers side, got in and fitted the key to ignition.
In duration of no time, I woke up the engine of the car.
Just for protection sake, I said a very short prayer in my mind, and asked her to fasten up her seat belt instantaneously ...
--  --  --  --
Driving on warri roads is a very hectic one, as a result of pot holes and gallops in every lane.
I was so pissed off with the way the car stumbled on each bad spot, and felt debilitated whenever I remembered the manner at which Rukky responded to my call.
But Fabulousvicky never seems to be worried with the strange look on my face. She was nodding her head in satisfaction to the song that was playing on the stereo, 'Implication by 2face idibia'...
I saw myself getting implicated, with what I am about doing. whilst, she see's herself getting implicated with enjoyment on a well air conditioned car.
**Imagine girls life**
I was so fed up that I had to put off the stereo;
ME: Why, you mean?
FABULOUSVICKY: I mean, why did you turn it off?
ME: It seems like noise to my hearing
FABULOUSVICKY: See this guy oo, so you don't know who 2baba is. If you are not enjoying the track I am enjoying it oo. Can you please put 'on' the car stereo, or I should do so myself?

Just to pleased her. I put it on, and tuned it to JFM radio.
She looked at me angrily, when she knew I wasn't staring back at her, she took it back to the CD mode.
The same song 'implication' started playing. To worsen the whole thing, she increased the volume of the radio set to its maximum level, and started singing alongside the singer.
I almost crushed her out of anger, but controllably respected myself by focusing on the steering.
We drove closed to the hotel, only to sight some police men ahead on the road.
Its a one way lane, and there was no way I can escape from them by reversing.
They parked almost all the cars that approaches them, so I knew they will stopped me also.
I put fear aside and drove ahead, only to be stopped by a bumpy police Officer as soon as I got to where they parked their van.
Just for them to have a clearer view of the car, I haul the glass down, reduce the volume of the stereo and put off the AC.