Saturday, 10 December 2016



The police officer who stopped me, smiled at Fabulousvicky who was busy chewing her gums before questioning me;
POLICEMAN: Guy where are we coming from and heading to?
ME: We are just coming from an event centre and going to our home
POLICEMAN: What do you have in your boot?
ME: There is nothing inside
POLICEMAN: Can I check it?
ME: Why not

I opened the trunk with the automatic button so he can have access.
He walked back to me and asked if the vehicle particulars (papers) are intact, at this point my heart was beating so hard, my prayer was that he should check only the particulars and not demand for my drivers license.
I opened the pigeon hole where most motorist always  kept their papers, and found the particulars inside.
I quickly brought it out and gave it to the police office who go through them one after the other.
When satisfied with the papers, he returned it back to me;
POLICEMAN: Are you the owner of the car?
ME: No, it belongs to my friend. Please officer we are in haste, as i'm talking to you someone is waiting for us
POLICEMAN: My man, oya find your guy something. Abi we nor go chop?
ME: You would have told me that earlier on instead of delaying me
POLICEMAN: Nor vex, I know say you be correct. The way I see you and your girl, I come think say you be ghana burger
ME: Officer you are not funny **laughing** just manage this, but in case of next time I am not a yahoo boy.
POLICEMAN: I don see am already. Thank you
(walking to another car, which he parked after me)

I didn't regretted giving the police officer a thousand naira note, because assuming he noticed I don't have licence I would have spent more than that or even went to the station.
Fabulousvicky wasn't happy about the money I gave to the officer, but I told her not to worry about it.
She insisted that i should have given him #20 which is the normal amount they collect on the road.
I felt her pain sha. She wasn't angry because she don't have money, she was angry because of our time which was wasted by the officer, but I convinced her to let it slide.
Getting to the gate of the hotel where Rukky lodge, I decided to park the car outside instead of going in;
FABULOUSVICKY: Are you parking here?
ME: Yes, any problem with that?
FABULOUSVICKY: Yes of course, there is a car park inside so I don't buy the idea
ME: I'm really sorry vicky, I don't just like parking inside hotels. It has been my principles.
FABULOUSVICKY: Whatever... You act strange
ME: Really?
FABULOUSVICKY: That's the truth. I have been noticing that, well leaves go in since you prefer walking down
(she came out from the car, and was walking straight to the gate leaving me behind.

I knew she was suspecting me and I have to do something to convince her that I am real.
I came out from the car and walked after her.
I was almost closed to her when I saw a car coming towards the gate. I quickly view the sticker pasted on it and found the word 'NAVY' boldly written on it.
Its certain that it could be officer Ken or one of his officer. I purposely dropped the car key on the floor, and bent down in attempt to pick it up.
In a jiffy the car got to where Fabulousvicky was. I was still in same position but could hear what they were saying because I was not that far from her;
FABULOUSVICKY: Ya we have put almost everything in place
OFFICER KEN: Thanks for the good work, I was on my way to the the church when I decided to checked on your friend
FABULOUSVICKY: Okay, is she in?
OFFICER KEN: Yes, she just went in. She followed me outside and went back immediately I entered the car
FABULOUSVICKY: Okay, because I brought one of her friend who is eager to see her
FABULOUSVICKY: Yes, but.......