Saturday, 10 December 2016



She had warned me on phone not to come looking for her, but I had to bridge that for friends sake, even though we are no more lovers. She shake her head in dismay, and wanted to alter a word when I did something surprising.
Before Rukky could say anything, I knelt down in front of her.
I did that to let her know I wasn't happy with all that happened years back in school;
ME: It's quite annoying to disobey one's wish. I knew you wished not to see me again but this is something I have to do, I can't let you fall into a pit that is not dug for you. Please Rukky I still love you and will always do, everything happened that why because we were not meant to be. I am here to set you free from a trap that has already been set for you, just hear me out please...
All this while, her eyes were on me. I knew she was not in any way convinced with all I have been saying, as she starred at me with hatred.
I was still on my knees when she eyed me from up to down, it didn't stopped there. She bent down and send a very hot dirty slap to my face.
Her actions really shocked me, and I didn't know when tears started dripping off my cheek. The tears didn't come because of the pain I got from the slap but because I couldn't convinced her with my words.
I managed to say 'THANK YOU RUKKY' while on my kneeling state. She turned her back on me, opened the door, went in, and was about closing it when I exclaimed 'TO ERR IS HUMAN AND TO FORGIVE IS DIVINE, EVEN IF YOU DID NOT FORGIVE ME HERE I KNOW GOD WILL, BECAUSE I TRIED MY BEST TO LET YOU KNOW I AM NOT GUILTY AS YOU THINK'....
She locked the door and left me there alone.
I was so hopeless and confused, what I'm I going to tell Officer Veronica?
That I wasn't able to save the situation Or I didn't got an opportunity to see Rukky.
Instantly I experience outward cold and internal heat.
I stood up, clean the knee part of my trouser and walked back.
The only hope in my mind is Jerry, who I believe can still help me out.
I was right in front of room1, about taking the left flack which leads to the reception when I heard my name 'ELI', I knew it was from a familiar voice and doubt it was Rukky who just back the door on me.
I stood in a fixed position, when I heard the name again 'ELI', there was no doubt that the last voice I heard was Rukky's voice.
I turned my back and saw Rukky standing in front of her room.
It was just as if a magical enchantment took place, that makes her to change her mind. I remained where I was and watch her as she walked towards me.
She finally got to my front, raised her hands towards my face and whipped off the dripping tears on my eyes.
I couldn't believe what I was seeing as I clean my eyes myself with my both hands just to see what was really happening, if its a dream or reality.
I removed my hands from my face and saw my 'sweetest sweet' smiling like an angel in front of me. The next word I heard from her mouth was 'I AM SORRY'.
She hugged me immediately she said it, and I didn't wasted a minute in holding her firm to myself.
We were still in the grip of each other when we realised someone's presence.
We couldn't explain as we left each other in shock.
It was just as if we weren't aware of how passionate we were closed to each other.
Are we to explained or dash off?