Saturday, 10 December 2016



I couldn't say a word as I leave everything for Rukky to handle;
RUKKY: Fabulousvicky, I knew you were not supposed to see us this way but please let this don't get to a third ear. He is the only guy my heart beat for, we have been together right from ozoro polytechnic and he has shown up with an information I knew nothing about
FABULOUSVICKY: I am not a baby Rukky. What do you take me for? With the way you guys were hugging each other, I knew there is a bond between you both. So I got no problem with that, moreso it's your personal life my dear friend
RUKKY: Thanks Vicky
ME: Please Rukky, I have a limited time to discuss with you, why not come with me so we can talk
RUKKY: We are not leaving this hotel, just tell me all you have to tell me here
ME: Okay, so am I doing that right here?
RUKKY: Let's go to my room
ME: Hope your husband won't come soon?

The three of us dash off to her room, where we sat on the bed in a discussable settings.
Yes, I really wanted Fabulousvicky to hear all I have to say so she can as well advise her friend Rukky. I cleared my throat and decided to start with a crooked voice that sound touching;
ME: I'm sorry I have to come to you at this time, which is expected to be a memorable period in your life
RUKKY: It doesn't matter Eli,  I believe it won't change anything either
ME: Your marriage will be the talk of the town, but might end up at the front page of all the newspapers, if your husband to be, is caught?
RUKKY: Meaning?
ME: He is into drug and that alone has put your life into risk. But the reason why I choose to intrude is because he is using you to parcel some quantity of cocaine into Dubai
RUKKY: Eli please stop this joke, are you here to mock me and Ken?
FABULOUSVICKY: Rukky listen to him first, Eli how do you know?
ME: How I know is not the point of discussion now, but I can prove it to you all right away
RUKKY: Okay prove it
ME: He bought you the weavon you fixed right?
RUKKY: Yes, this is not just ordinary weavon. Its a Brazilian hair of the highest quality, I was taken to an expert in Omega Saloon who fixed it with almost an hundred thousand
ME: The expert that fixed the hair could be a colleague to Officer Ken, that was why he didn't allow you to go to your personal stylist. Let's just unfixed the hair and see for ourselves
RUKKY: No I can't, My husband will be mad at me. Whenever he sees me, the first thing he acknowledge is the beauty of the hair, I am sorry I can't believe all you just said
ME: Rukky please just do it, I am saying the truth. Imagine he couldn't compliment your natural beauty, but the beauty added to you by the so called expensive artificial hair. Vicky talk to your friend
FABULOUSVICKY: Her marriage is tomorrow and you want her to loose her hair which is meant for the occasion, why don't we wait after the marriage?
ME: Time is not on our side, how I wish you both can trust me
RUKKY: Eli I lost my trust on you the day you told me you can't be with me anymore, I can't trust you again. Like Fabulousvicky said, I might consider what you just said after our marriage
ME: Don't you think it will be too late then?
RUKKY: I don't think so, by the way how do you know about all this?
ME: The mother of Officer Ken's child told me if you must know
RUKKY: Does ken has a child? Is he married? What are you saying?
(Rukky stood up in surprise, throwing questions on me)

I was about answering her questions, when her phone started ringing. She grabbed the ringing phone from the bed, and watched the screen in anger...
FABULOUSVICKY: Aren't you taking the call?
RUKKY: I don't want to talk to him?
FABULOUSVICKY: Who is the caller?
RUKKY: Its Ken
FABULOUSVICKY: Don't be silly dear friend, you have to take that call now
RUKKY: **crying** Tell me why I should take this call ehn! When he has been deceiving me
FABULOUSVICKY: Don't tell me you believe all Eli said?
RUKKY: What if he is saying the truth?
FABULOUSVICKY: We have to start from somewhere so please take the called
ME: Rukky, I didn't said that to weaken you. Just pick up the call when next he call

I barely finished the statement when Rukky's phone started ringing again. She drained the tears and sweat that has created nodes on her face with her white handkerchief, before clicking the OK button on her calibrated phone;
RUKKY: Hello!
KEN: ********
RUKKY: I don't think I need any of that
KEN: ******
RUKKY: I am fine
KEN: ******
RUKKY: She is still here with me
KEN: *****
RUKKY: No problem...

She ended the call, sat back on the bed looking so exhausted;
FABULOUSVICKY: What did he say?
RUKKY: He said he branched a fastfood to get me launch, and asked if you were still here that he is coming.
ME: I must take my leave now, but please Rukky put what I told you into consideration. Don't even try to tell Officer Ken, all I told you
FABULOUSVICKY: Yes, Eli is right. I think you must contact your Dad first and explain all to him, he has upper hand to handle this
RUKKY: I will do that, but only God knows if he will believe me
ME: I don't think your Dad is the best option, just get yourself to any of the EFCC (Economic and Financial Crimes Commission) office in town and made report. They can help apprehend him and linked the case with NDLEA (National Drug Law Enforcement Agency). I think I have someone who can help us
RUKKY: Okay, I will call you

I rushed out of the room, so officer Ken won't meet me there.
Thank God there is a progress in the mission, I have to call Officer Veronica to give her update and know what next to do.
As a military personnel she could be easily listen to, if we decided to consult the EFCC or NDLEA on the issue.
I walked very fast so I can get to my car which was parked outside the hotel on time.
My entire mind was so busy that I don't even know when I stepped on someone's shoe, at the exit door of the hotel reception.
I regain focus and saw someone I never imagined I will meet.
I was totally confused, not knowing what to do...
I'm I to say Sorry or Run away?