Saturday, 10 December 2016



I knew there was no way I could escape from him, because even in the dark he will still be able to recognised me.
Expeditiously, I put on my shade (eye glass), bent down and started cleaning the shoe;
OFFICER KEN: Will you take off your filthy hands from my expensive Louis Vuitton shoe?
(I maintained my squatting position without raising my face, while I apologised to him)
ME: I am really sorry Sir
OFFICER KEN: You have to be, I am in haste to see my wife so I have no time for you. Assuming I got all day, you would have seen the nicest part of me, Idiot!
(He uses his leg to hit me, and walked fast out of me)

What a narrow escape, I was really lucky he didn't take a look at me, otherwise I would have been thinking of how to save myself instead of saving Rukky.
In nothing flat, I was inside the car. I took a deep breadth and dialled Officer Veronica's phone number;
ME: Hello!!
VERONICA: Hello, how are you?
ME: I am fine and you?
VERONICA: Ohh! I am doing great. Were you able to get in touch with Rukky?
ME: I just did that. But believe you me, it wasn't an easy task and I don't think she is fully convinced yet
VERONICA: You still have to try harder. I am working on my own part and just discovered that, Ken has the support of the Immigration officers in the airport. Getting their support will make his trip out of Nigeria a success, so we must stop him in our own way
ME: I pray Rukky calls me on time, and if she does I will be needing your help
VERONICA: You got no problem with that, I came for this so I am 100% available and ready
ME: Okay then, bye for now
**call hanged**
I was right in the car thinking of what next to do.
I was so confused that I decided to wait right there, and see if miracles will happen.
I was out there for close to an hour when Jerry text message beep my phone.
I picked up my phone from the dashboard and opened the text;

"Guy, how the thing dey go now? Hope you don yan with her? Well, I don arrive waff city so text me where you dey, so that I go meet you up..."

After reading his message, I replied him at once;

"Situation is in place, waiting patiently at the front of Pee-Body hotel where Rukky lodge, for positive result. I will soon leave here so expect my call "

I successfully sent the message to Jerry, and was about resting my oblong head on the steering with the support of my both hands, when I saw Officer Ken leaving the hotel premises with full speed.
He was driving as if someone was after him, and also talking to someone on phone.
I quickly sensed that all is not fine. What could have made him to drive out with anger on his face remain a mystery to me.
I came out from the car and found Rukky and Fabulousvicky walking down to the gate. They were almost closed, so I decided to wait outside.
Immediately they got to the gate, I made myself apprised to them;
FABULOUSVICKY: Don't tell me you haven't left all this while
(The question was a direct one but I barely know what to reply)
RUKKY: Thank God you are here, can we start going?
ME: What is wrong? Where are we going to? Can somebody tell me something?
(I confusedly asked them, because the look on their faces tells me all was not well)
FABULOUSVICKY: Rukky refused to greet nor answer Ken's greeting. He sat peacefully only for Rukky to slap him, and told him to go back to his wife and child
ME: Rukky No! You went too far
RUKKY: Don't say that again Eli. He should have denied it if the allegation weren't real, rather he went out of me. See I now believed all you told me and I am ready to pull him down even if that will make my Dad disowned me
ME: This is not time to argue, we have to act fast because Officer Ken is a very sharp guy. I saw him making call while on high speed, he must be making plans or better still contacting Veronica
RUKKY: Can I see the Veronica?
ME: You will see her, because we will be working with her utmost assistance, and we have lesser time.

The three of us entered the car and I called Officer Veronica, to let her know of the present development. She didn't let the callback tune alert me, before she picked up;
VERONICA: Hello Eli!
ME: Yeah! I am calling to let you know that Rukky is with me and we are ready. She needs prove about the hard drug and we can't do that alone
VERONICA: Yes, just take them to NDLEA office at Deco road. I will meet you up there, Officer Ken has been calling me but I didn't take his call, I believed he must have called Navy base in Abuja to know if I am on duty
ME: Yes, he just drove out of here with anger
VERONICA: On my way now, so start going. When we get there we will talk better
ME: Okay
**call hanged**

I told the both girls what Officer Veronica said before droving down.
Reaching the office, we met Officer Veronica and a man who happened to be the Director of that unit, specially assigned by the chief executive officer of NDLEA. They were at the entrance discussing and stood still when they saw us.
They usher us in and took Rukky to a ward unknown to us.
It was later brought to us that, she was placed on a 'full body scanning machine'. They were doing that to confirm the allegations issued by Officer Veronica, before they can take any action.
We didn't even know what Officer Veronica told them at first, but felt comfortable as we waited patiently for reports...
They did their job for almost 30mins plus, before calling us to the Director's office...