Saturday, 10 December 2016



The office of the Director incharge of that Unit was so spacious that his voice echoed like a talking drum;
DIRECTOR: You may all seat down
(Myself, Veronica and Fabulouslyvicky sat on the seat provided, while Rukky was sitting adjacent to the Director)
VERONICA: Thank you sir
DIRECTOR: I just finished speaking with her after a successful scan. It was confirmed with the aid of the 'full body scanning machine' that 1.210kg of cocaine was planted on her hair which is a haul of over £80,000, and she wasn't aware of this. We will be calling a hair stylist here, who will help us retrieve it before any other action could be taken
VERONICA: You have done a good job, aside that I have other proofs of his involvement in drug trafficking. I just want you to confirm this one before I bring them in, now that you have done that I will like you to go through these documents and pictures
(Handing over to him a file containing the contents)

The NDLEA Director went through it, and praised the effort of Officer Veronica in fighting such dubious crime.
We were in the office deliberating on the issue when a lady with Amazonian features walked in, she had a sculpted figure which was twine-thin, her waist was tapered and she had a burnished complexion, A pair of arched eyebrows looked down on sweeping eyelashes. I knew we weren't age group as she seems older, I quickly said get behind me in my mind, in order not to fall into temptation while 'fighting a just fight'.
Without being told we knew she was the one to do the last job. It didn't take her 10mins as she unfixed the Brazilian hair, retrieved the hard drug and fixed back the hair.
While she was doing this, Rukky phone started ringing. The caller was no other person than Officer Ken.
She was told to take the call and lied to be with Vicky in her house.
Everything went well in the NDLEA office and we left after they assured us that Officer Ken will be napped the next day, which is their wedding day.
The Director of NDLEA and his team went to Rukky's Dad, after they spoke with him on phone to come to their office for vital information which he declined
Indeed, the confirmation of the hard drug on Rukky's hair really got me excited.
But to Rukky the reverse was the case, she wore a sad face all through until we left the office. She excused Officer Veronica from our midst as they walked to a pool office, opposite the NDLEA office to have a private discussion.
Being alone with Fabulousvicky, we entered the car where we waited for them and engaged in a friendly discussion;
FABULOUSVICKY: Eli can I ask you some questions?
ME: You are free to ask Vicky
FABULOUSVICKY: Tell me the truth, are you coming around to ruin Rukky's marriage or you truly loves her?
(Without telling her, I believe she knows the answer to her question, as it is written all over me)
ME: I didn't come to her, to ruin her upcoming marriage but to help her, she is a friend and a special one to be precise
FABULOUSVICKY: Special then means she is still in your heart?
ME: She has always occupied a designated part of my heart, and will always remain there no matter what
FABULOUSVICKY: Sorry for asking you all those questions, because handsome guys like you are not to be trusted.
ME: **smiles** You are so funny, Is this what you called handsome **pointing at myself**
FABULOUSVICKY: I swear you are handsome, and I think that is the reason why Rukky is doing all this. You handsomeness charmed her, I never taught any guy on earth could have let Rukky do all this, a day to her wedding.
ME: **sigh**
(we sighted Rukky and Veronica coming towards us)
FABULOUSVICKY: Well, I hope you marry her since you are spoiling this one **winks at me**... Here comes your queen

I didn't answered her as I watch Rukky and Officer Veronica crossed the road towards where we parked.
Rukky came back alive and got me amazed, yes! I used the word alive because the last time I checked she wasn't happy but now, she constantly smile at me and everyone.
What must be that 'pain relieve' Officer Veronica told her? Well, I made myself unconcern and bade officer Veronica goodbye as she drove off with her "Camry big for nothing" (2004 Toyota Camry).
It was already getting late so I quickly dropped Rukky by the gate of Pee-Body hotel hoping to see her in the wedding ground or registry, while I took Fabulousvicky to her house...
After dropping Vicky, I went to Jerry's house to bequeath him insight of all that happened.
He was happy with the update and assured me that all will go well the next day, being the wedding day.
--  --  --  --

On this day I was so scared and prayed that nothing bad should happened, I believed officer Ken didn't saw Rukky the previous day evening but will be expecting her to show up in the registry to carryout the marital rite.
There was a concrete plan at hand to finally separate their union, but whether Rukky's Dad agreed to everything is what I am yet to know.
I put Fabulousvicky on call to know the present state of everything. But her response was unimaginable, she didn't provide me with any information rather she said I should be in the registry, in the next one hour.
I checked my time and it was 7:01am, meaning I have to get there exactly 8:00am.
In a jiffy, I brought out a well ironed suit, clean up my shoe and called Jerry to show up so we can do this together.
Oke car was still with me as I convinced him of my inability to finish up the movement I got at hand.
Exactly 7:52AM, Jerry showed up in my place, and we both went off to the registry...