Thursday, 8 December 2016



As a sharp wafferian who can foresee any blonder ahead, I quickly apologized to Rukky on behalf of Lillian.
She wasn’t convinced with all I told her but i still pressed on and stood on the ground that Lillian is a friend and that i have to see her right now. She allowed me and i went out to have a talk with Lillian.
Immediately as I opened the door, I saw her outside the room crying;
ME: What is wrong, aren’t you happy that my girlfriend is back to life or did anybody hurt you?
LILLIAN: I am happy that your so called girlfriend is fine, but why?
ME: Please don’t start again, the question looks odd to my hearing. Kindly simplify to my understanding because I’m lost
LILLIAN: Why did you touch her?
ME: She is my girlfriend for Christ sake, and I have the right to do so. Our relationship isn’t an hidden one
LILLIAN: Even though, must it be in the hospital bed. As a scholar, an HOC (Class Rep) for that matter must you even do anything with the sick when you have a healthy one like me
(her voice was becoming so loud, I had to take her somewhere quiet and far from Rukky’s hearing)
ME: My sweetheart demanded for it, and i just don’t want her to feel bad. More so you deserve no explanation from me, because I can’t remember dating you, you promised to help me by giving me a condition which I complied with. Ever since then you became a sister to me and someone that can always help me when needed. Why can’t we continue that way?
LILLIAN: God forbid, have you forgotten so soon that I made a promise to myself that I must have you no matter what. I gave you time to think about it and it has elapsed
ME: I’m sorry to tell you this but I have to, Nothing can make me leave Rukky for you. There is an indispensable bond between us
(Walking out of her)
LILLIAN: Don’t even try walk out of me
(I turned back and stared at her)
ME: And if I do?
LILLIAN: I’ll show you the real me and I mean it.
ME: Whatever…

I left her and went to the room to meet Rukky.
Rukky has already managed to clean the floor where my milky akamu was and whipped those that stained the bedspread, she was expecting to get an explanation from me as soon as i entered the room which I couldn’t give to her at that moment.
She couldn’t say a word as she eyed me with her medium artificial eye lash that looks like that of a dull. I could not look at her in the eyes because her face was paled.
I picked up the courage to say something convincing when her phone started ringing;
RUKKY: Hello dad!
(With a faint voice)
DAD: *********
RUKKY: I’m fine and you?
DAD: ******
RUKKY: I’ve been sleeping that’s why my voice is dull
DAD: ******
RUKKY: Daddy I’ve told you not to worry yourself, I’ve eaten
DAD: *******
RUKKY: Fine if you want to visit me in school then it should be next week before you leave for Kaduna state
DAD: *******
RUKKY: Please Dad not this week, we just resume after the break and I’ll be busy with my studies
DAD: *********
RUKKY: Love you too bye, extend my greetings to mummy
DAD: ******
RUKKY: Okay, bye
(hanged up)

She stared at me continuously before she managed to alter a word;
RUKKY: Don’t lie to me, who is she for the last time?
(I don’t know if I should lie or say the truth)
ME: She is a friend I met in the school some weeks back and that is the plain truth
RUKKY: A friend you said, well it should remain that way because she looks familiar even though I haven’t met her before. She has a familiar spirit
ME: lol, familiar spirit?
RUKKY: Like seriously
ME: You just reminded me of one of A.Y skit, where he told a prostitute that she has a ‘familiar spirit’
RUKKY: So I now look like a comedian?
ME: Not really but you sound like one
RUKKY: Its not your fault, show me the video, I must watch it today and if there is no video like that, I’ll beat the hell out of you
ME: Agreed…
(I brought out my phone from my pocket, clicked on gallery and searched for the video clip)

We were both laughing after watching the video when the doctor came in;
DOC: Pretty lady, i’m happy for you, but you should thank this young man who was everywhere to make sure you are alive
RUKKY: Sure I’ll sir
(I was just smiling and being proud of myself deep inside)
DOC: There is something I have to tell you in my office, but if you think you’re okay with your friend here, I can just say it here without taking you to my office
RUKKY: He is my boyfriend so there is nothing to hide Sir
DOC: Okay; As a result of the delayed minor operation to remove the bullet from your hand, You lost so much blood which resulted to excessive bleeding in your Uterus. We later discovered you were pregnant and has had a miscarriage, the nurses helped to clean you up. So i’m sorry for your loss.
RUKKY: **shocked**
Doctor does that mean my unborn child is gone?
(Tears flowing down her cheek)
DOC: Yes, but that shouldn’t be your problem since you are alive, give thanks to God
ME: Doctor, I appreciate all your effort, she will be fine. Is there any other thing that needs to be done?
(As at this moment I don’t know if I should cry for the lost baby or be happy)
DOC: I just want to give her the last injection to kill the pains in her arms, after that you guys can alert me if you want to discharge today or tomorrow
ME: Is she strong to leave now
DOC: Yes of course, and lastly you should come to my office to sign out with your card because the bill has already been paid. I just have to clear you when you are ready to leave
RUKKY: Baby, thank you for everything
(Referring to me who was surprised of the recent news)
ME: Doctor, I haven’t paid yet maybe you are taking us for some other patient
DOC: But she is Bright Rukevwe, right?
ME: Yes
DOC: Your sister paid the bill just now and left, she said her name is Lillian.
(Referring to Lillian, who was with me since yesterday)

The Doctor gave her the injection and left the room for his office….
What explanation should I give to Rukky this time around. Someone I told her is my friend was referred to by the doctor as my sister.
What saved me from her questioning was the sad news the doctor dropped, she seems to be more worried about her baby and not even Lillian anymore…