Thursday, 8 December 2016



Myself and Rukky went to the doctor's office to be cleared, and left for Rukky's house after everything.
I was happy she didn't asked any further questions concerning Lillian, as we got to her place...
Well for the baby aspect, I never bothered myself because everything happens for a reason, so I can't question God.
Maybe keeping the baby might result to a big tragedy in future, only God knows.
Jerry who stayed in the same hostel with Rukky, came to her room, when he noticed we were around.
"He apologized for not making it back to the hospital, before Rukky was discharged.
"I asked Jerry to keep Rukky busy, while I go get some assorted meat and fish to cook pepper soup with, from the nearby market.
As usual, I got all I needed, went back home, gave my sweetest sweet who was paying attention to Jerry's story a peck, and went into the kitchen to garnished the pepper soup for her.
Jerry being a comedian like me, tried to make Rukky feel happy, by erasing the incident from her mind with cracked jokes, but Rukky seems to render a fake smile in return.
"I knew deep inside me that, the news the doctor dropped about the lost baby, is still itching her deep inside.
Immediately I finished cooking, I serve her's seperately while me and Jerry ate together.
Some minutes interval, I discovered she haven't touched the meal.
I have to feed her myself, promising her everything will be fine as it used to. And concerning our lost, she should yield to the doctor's advise, not to think about it anymore but thank God for sparing her life.
"I was still talking to Rukky when a call came into my phone.
Actually, it was a call from someone I never wanted to remember in my life, someone I hated most, someone that causes the whole sorrow today, it was Favour.
Without the fear of Rukky's presence, I picked up the call;
FAVOUR: Lover boy!! I guess you know who is talking, or have you deleted my number from your phone?
ME: You called to know if i'm dead I guess, well am not
FAVOUR: Don't be silly, I only wanted to correct things. I still love you and you know that
ME: Spell me that trash, for your information your days are numbered in this institution
(Rukky stood up looking at me as if I killed someone in her present)
FAVOUR: I gave you enough time to think about the best step to take, following my brother's fiancée advise, but up till now you are still proving stubborn. Well, that doesn't gives you the right to scold me, am I the first lady to fall in love?
ME: Clap for yourself Miss love. So you think I don't know your moves? How you sent your radical brother after me.
FAVOUR: I can explain dear, I didn't tell him to hurt you. It was all Lillian's idea
ME: Who is this Lillian?
(Pretending I don't know her)
FAVOUR: I've told you she is my brother's fiancée.
ME: Well, i'm not interested in what you have to say. But pass this message across to your brother and his cohort, that if they venture hurt my girlfriend or any one around me, then they won't go unpunished...
FAVOUR: Did you Just say girlfriend? Eli, don't be a stubborn fly, that ends up in the grave with the corpse he followed
ME: We shall see who the stubborn fly is, Bye...
FAVOUR: Just kidding... Lol. Hear me out please
ME: Fuck you!
(I ended the call and discovered Rukky and Jerry still staring at me)

Well, she has already overheard my conversation. I have to let the cat out of the bag.
"I told her everything about me and Favour, from the beam to the peak.
It was just like a magic, as I never expected her to take things lightly with me after everything.
To my greatest surprise the reverse was the case, she didn't blamed me knowing fully well that I have been cheating on her;
RUKKY: No man is perfect, its a normal thing for guys to date more than one girl, and for you to admit the fact that you dated a girl while I was off, shows the genuineness of your love. But one thing I don't know is if she sent her brother to your house
ME: I'm suspecting her brother, because like I told you they were after me
RUKKY: It's a girl that shot me and not a guy, she only dressed like a guy but the voice is that of a girl
ME: That means she did it herself
RUKKY: Well i haven't seen this Favour so I cannot really tell, secondly I've been trying to picture the face of the shooter but couldn't.
ME: Don't stress yourself, let the by gone remain by gone
RUKKY: Sorry to say this, but that girl who came to the hospital room, has same stature with the person that shot me, but let's just forget about all that
ME: Okay love, we really have to forget because, almost all girls have same stature. Like Curvy waist, radioactive shawama, good smile, watermelon bossoms and mostly slim like you .lol.
RUKKY: You are not funny. I now have watermelon boo_bs eh?
ME: Did you hear it from my mouth?
RUKKY: Is ask I ask
ME: Is talk I talk too
RUKKY: You eh! Assuming your thin is not a machine gun, I would have left you long ago. But because I'm enjoying it, I can never leave you till I die
ME: Asuming your Congo-meat is not sweet like sharwama, I would have just taken my share and run away. But since i'm enjoying my drive inside your shawama I will always be with you, and you alone
(Jerry was just smiling as we talk dirty)
RUKKY: Baby boo! I want to ask you for something
ME: And what is that?
RUKKY: Will you do it?
ME: Yes I will
RUKKY: Concerning our baby, I would love us to mourn for one week starting from tomorrow
ME: Its okay by me if that is what you want.

She embraced me softly, and we kissed each other emotionally but didn't go behold, because of Jerry who was present in the room with us.
All this while, Jerry was busy pressing his phone pretending to be paying less attention, to our discussion and activities. He sent me a whatsapp message that we have to see in his room.
-- -- --
He went to his room and after about 2minutes time I left Rukky to join him;
JERRY: Alelekpekus I smell trouble ahead oo
ME: Trouble?
JERRY: Yes na, why did you tell Rukky all that transpired between you and Favour? Its unlike you
ME: Guy, I love this girl and can't hide anything from her anymore
JERRY: You can't hide anything from her, yet you didn't tell her you slept with Lillian
ME: Lillian is a nice person, she even paid for Rukky's hospital bill so I can't paint her black.
JERRY: You are not serious
ME: That is it. Rukky owns Lillian one in return.

We ended our discussion there and I went back to Rukky's apartment.
I haven't settled when a message beep my phone. Its from Lillian, I opened it to read what was sent;
"Eli, I went to your hostel with some provision for Rukky, but couldn't find you guys there, where can I meet you? I'm sorry for sounding harsh to you in the hospital this morning"