Thursday, 8 December 2016



Allowing Lillian to know where Rukky stays wasn't a good idea i taught, but still she has not done us bad so far.
She paid for Rukky's hospital bill and now bought Rukky provisions. I thought about it for several minutes before notifying Rukky;
ME: My sweetest sweet!
RUKKY: Hmmm humn!
ME: Lillian said she bought some beverages for you, I just received a text from her
RUKKY: I don't really need them because I bought more of it before coming to Ozoro. That reminds me, my bags are still in your house, even the chicken I bought for Chekwube
ME: Yes oo, but the chicken must have gotten spoilt.
RUKKY: Let her come na, but you will help me get my things later, especially my handbag
ME: That won't be a problem
RUKKY: I haven't seen Chekwube oo, Isn't she aware of the incident?
ME: She is aware and was with us yesterday night, she left this morning before you woke up. I think she went for lectures
RUKKY: I miss her, let me call her now
ME: Okay, do that while I go wait for Lillian outside.

I went outside, texted Lillian the address and stood outside waiting for her because I knew she doesn't drive slowly. I didn't wait for long before I saw her Rang Rover car coming on high speed.
She slowed down as she got to where I was and parked in a convenient spot, killed the engine and  alighted from the car.
I smiled at her as she approached and gave me a hug.
She wanted to apologised, but I let her know I wasn't angry rather I should be the one apologising, and also appreciated her unpayable favours.
We entered the hostel and headed straight to Rukky's apartment. Immediately as we entered, the both ladies exchange pleasantries and started getting acquitted;
RUKKY: I can't stop thanking you for all you did for me, please just tell me the bill so I can transfer it into your account by tomorrow;
LILLIAN: There is no need for that, you just thank me and still want to pay me back? I did it with an open mind and don't have to be repaid
RUKKY: You are really nice, my love has told me how helpful you have been to him while I was off, I really appreciate all that and won't mind being your loyalist.
LILLIAN: You are not serious, I was even planing to apply in your industry so I can enjoy what you are enjoying
RUKKY: I don't have industry oo
LILLIAN: Don't mind me, I sound silly at times
ME: Enough girls, What should we offer you Lillian?
LILLIAN: Anything
ME: I think you have to taste my pepper soup, I cooked it specially for Rukky but since you are now our special guest, you will have to taste it
LILLIAN: No, I don't think I can take that, water will be okay for me
RUKKY: I and my Love insist that you taste it
LILLIAN: Okay, I'll take it
ME: I won fear you before oo, so if Rukky nor talk put you nor for agree to drink the pepper soup? Abi you nor know say you be my sister now?
LILLIAN: See your mouth like sister, we resemble?
RUKKY: That was what the doctor in sage clinic said oo

I left the both girls with their discussion, and went to serve the pepper soup for Lillian, I also bought her a chilled maltina.
She drank it and left after much conversation with Rukky.
-- -- --

I went to my hostel to take Rukky's bag, I didn't spent much time there as I just told the hostel president all we passed through in the hospital before Rukky was finally discharged.
I got back to Rukky's house and found Chekwube there, she greeted me but I didn't respond, pretending to be angry with her;
ME: So if Rukky didn't call you on phone you wouldn't have come?
CHEKWUBE: No na, I would have come. I went for lectures that was why you didn't see me
ME: You went there without even telling me, later you will say you are my besty
CHEKWUBE: I'm sorry, I promise to copy today's note for you
ME: Good girl, So how was the lectures? Did any lecturer ask after me?
CHEKWUBE: Yes, they wanted you to come and collect our test script from their offices. Your assistant was the one who later went on your behalf but he didn't share them since you are not around.
ME: He should have distributed them na, why is he my assistant? Well I will go to school tomorrow. My Sweet, hope you know you are going to school also?
RUKKY: yea, I'm strong just that I am still feeling slight pains
ME: By tomorrow there won't be any pain.

Chekwube went to the kitchen to serve her share of the pepper soup, before she left.
As soon as Chekwube left, myself and Rukky took our bath and slept off...