Thursday, 8 December 2016




Throughout that night, I knew Rukky couldn't sleep as usual. It was just as if she was in pain.
She rolled on the bed continuously and made some funny sounds that made me to be scared.
I was really worried and had to sleep with one eye opened, just to take proper watch over her in case of any emergency.
--  --  --
I pointed my phone torch towards the wall clock and the time was at about 6:25am.
"Thank God nothing weird happened overnight"
I woke Rukky up so we can say our morning prayers. After the prayers, i did some exercise, did the house chores and thereafter took my sweetest sweet to the bathroom, so we can brush our teeth and bath.

We were good to go out,  after all the normal morning activities. Rukky and I put on black&black wears to mark the first day of our mourning.
I called Chekwube and she told me she was on her way to school, and that I should be sure to be punctual.
Rukky was busy with her makeups while I brought out my black and white all-star shoe, I was about to wear it when I heard Rukky's phone ringing.
She ignored the call, and it started to ring again. I had to take the phone from its position immediately as I finished wearing my shoe.
The caller was saved with DAD4LIFE, I took the phone to her and told her that it's a call from her Father.
She dropped her makeup bag on the bed, stopped what she was doing and answered the call;
RUKKY: Good morning daddy!
DAD: ********
RUKKY: In my street already? You should have Just go to your Asaba directly, I taught we agreed on next week before you leave for Kaduna?
DAD: ********
RUKKY: I'm inside
**Call hanged**

Rukky face was sadden immediately as she hurriedly changed her dress to a long sleeve top;
ME: Why are you changing your dress?
RUKKY: My Dad Just told me that they were called to Asaba this morning for a military course, so he decided to drop by just to say hi to me, since my school is in the rout to Asaba
ME: There is nothing wrong with that na
RUKKY: I know but I don't want him to see my hand this way. I know my father, he won't take it lightly if he discovers I was shot
ME: When is he coming?
RUKKY: He said he is already close to my hostel, I would even advise you to go to Jerry's room until he is gone
ME: There is no need for that, I taught you said he knows about our affair?
RUKKY: Yes of course, but I can sense some bad omen especially because of the incident that took place in your house, and about all the angels told me in my trance
ME: You are right, I have to go now...

I was about holding the handle of the door, when suddenly someone opened it from outside.
I quickly stepped back as soon as I saw the well ironed army camouflage that was wore by a huge young man.
The next person I saw was an advanced man who also wore an army uniform with the name "Major Bright Valentine" written boldly on the right side of his shirt.
"I was tensed and forcefully stood at attention as I greeted them by saying "Morning sir"
MAJOR: Morning boy

He walked towards Rukky, gave her a hug which lasted for about 2mins before sitting on the only chair in Rukky's apartment.
Rukky immediately felt some pains on her arms and held it with her right hand. Her Dad noticed it and walked back to Rukky
MAJOR: What is the problem my Egg?
RUKKY: Nothing Dad
MAJOR: Did I hurt you while hugging you? because you seems to be receiving some pains in your left hand
RUKKY: Oh you mean my hand? I'm not feeling pains at all. Its just scratching me because of the mosquito bite there
MAJOR: Let me see?

He walked towards Rukky and touched the place, which made Rukky to shout 'huucccchhhh'.
Her Dad noticed there was an injury there, and asked Rukky to take off her shirt so he can attend to the wound.
Rukky did as he instructed, and behold the Dad was shocked to discover that the injury is that of a gun bullet;
MAJOR: Who did this to you?
(I was shivering at one end as I heard the man's voice echoed while Rukky was frightened and speechless)
MAJOR: I'm talking to you, who is the bloody civilian that shot you?
RUKKY: I was shot by armed robbers
MAJOR: And you didn't bother to inform me
RUKKY: Sorry Dad
MAJOR: Sorry for your head, I must see the Landlord of this hostel immediately and he must surely pay. How could he collect money from me and other occupants and yet won't provide a standard security.
Abdul bring me my phone
(Referring to the huge army man who was standing by the door).
At this point I don't know if I should take-off or watch how it will all end
RUKKY: Daddy you don't have to call the Landlord, It did not happen here
MAJOR: Then where??