Thursday, 8 December 2016



Rukky stared at me immediately the question was asked, she couldn’t altered a word.
I knew she really don’t want to implicate me but she got no other option than to say the truth;
MAJOR: I believe that am talking to a human being and not a ghost! For the last time, where were you when the armed robbers attacked you?
RUKKY: I__ w_a_s _____ in__
MAJOR: In where?
RUKKY: Daddy please just forget about it, at least am fine now
MAJOR: gamboróoba chengé, something is wrong with your head. You think I’ll let a bloody gamborica harm my daughter and go scot free? If you don’t tell me, I’ll withdraw you from this school and send you to a military school so that you will be rugged, because the blood that is flowing through your vain is a rugged one but you are too weak for my liking. Pack your things right now and let’s go
(I can feel the pain in her, she really don’t want to leave the school, I gave her sign to talk and she understood the signal I gave)
RUKKY: Please Dad, I don’t want to quit this school. I’m already in my final year
MAJOR: Then talk
RUKKY: It was in____ my boy__friend’s house
MAJOR: The boy you told me about?
RUKKY: Yes Dad
MAJOR: How come you were shot in his presence, was he shot too?
MAJOR: I want to see him, call him to come here right away
(Rukky took her phone and was about playing some prank, when I stupidly opened my mouth)
ME: Sir, I’m the boyfriend
MAJOR: You, the boyfriend?
ME: Yes sir
MAJOR: What happened to my daughter?
ME: I was with her when I received a call from a friend who came to visit me. I went out to meet him and was still with him when I heard a gunshot
MAJOR: What happened next?
ME: I rushed in and discovered she has been shot
MAJOR: Good statement, now can I know the person that shot her?
ME: I did not see the persons’ face, but I saw someone running towards the back of the building, and scaled the fence
MAJOR: Did they stole anything from your house or any other person’s house?
ME: No sir
MAJOR: You did not see the person but I assure you that after I’ve finished giving you your morning tea,byou will fetch the person out
(I never understood what he meant by morning tea, but I noticed tears has already settled on Rukky’s eyes)
RUKKY: Daddy please
MAJOR: You better remain inside, Abdul take him out and tell Sergeant Samson and Sergeant Mohammed to give him a good morning tea.

The huge army man took me outside.
I saw Rukky crying and pleading on my behalf but her father never gave her a listening ears. I was taken outside the hostel, where two Army Hilux vans were parked. The huge army man (Abdul) asked me to sleep on the road, with my face facing the ground. I did as he said, as he walked to the van to inform the Sergeants of what their head has instructed them to do.
“I was not myself anymore, as my heart beat seems to sound like that of a talking drum. I wanted to say my last prayer because I knew at this stage they will beat, dismantle, suck, and scroll the hell out of me.
••Imagine where shawama has landed me••
I could still hear Rukky’s cry and hoped God touches the Father’s heart to hear her plea. I turned towards the hostel to see what was happening.
Rukky was holding her Dad, pleading in the presence of other hostellers and passers by who were there to watch the end of a lover’s life. I saw Jerry placed his both hands on his head, like someone who lost his parents.
All of a sudden a very heavy foot crushed my back;
ARMY MAN: Kai’walaí, I tell am for me to face ground, I dey face am for corner ba?

I obediently faced the tared road. Instantly, more than 100 stroke of horsewhip (koboko) has been unleashed on my back, I started crying like a baby.
Next, I was told to stand up and go inside the gutter. I was in the gutter rolling when they dropped heavy blocks on my head. It was just as if Rukky saw all of this coming that was why she asked us to mourn. We were no longer mourning our lost baby but my miserable soul that will soon leave my body.
After much torture, I was asked to come out from the gutter and plant my skull in a dirty muddy stagnant water that resulted from the rain that fell two days ago
(Don’t ever fall victim of planting your Skull because if you had no blood then you must surely die).

I planted my skull for about 30mins and fell on the water since I can’t stand it anymore. From far I saw two army men running towards me shouting;
ARMY1: ‘Kai, who say make I stop, I nor dey fear am for me?’
The other one shouted;
ARMY2: ‘I don die be that, I won see Watin I fit do am for I ba?
I wished there was still a little strength left in me at that moment, to enable me continue with the planting of my skull but I was very weak.
As soon as they approached me, they kicked me like a football and smashed me like a goat that has no value.
I couldn’t breath fine anymore and started coughing out blood. My eyes were swollen and half opened. I knew this was the end of my life as I finally collapsed…