Thursday, 8 December 2016



I opened my eyes and found myself in a hospital bed, with two nurses standing in front of me;
NURSE: Call the Officer, the boy is now awake
(I saw a nurse going outside to get the unknown officer)
**Door opened**

Two persons walked in, but I couldn't see them clearly from afar because of my blur vision.
They approached the bed where I laid, before I could recognized them;
RUKKY: Thank God you are alive
(Touching me on the bed)
MAJOR: Silly girl, will you leave that beast? Or you want me to descend on you this minute?
RUKKY: Daddy, it's not fair, you are not like this before. Why did you chose to treat the innocent boy this harsh?
MAJOR: He isn't the kind of man you deserve, he can neither protect himself nor you. I've already seen someone whom I can count on without no fear of you being attacked.
RUKKY: God forbid!! If not Eli then no one. My life is already in his hands
MAJOR: If you venture open that mouth again, I'll make sure you regret ever coming to this world through me. And you boy! thank your stars that you were able to regain yourself after 3days of military sleep. I did it that way, so you can remember the person that shot my daughter and I believe you are ready to talk now
(At this moment I wasn't myself as my eyes were still dizzy and my body was heavy)
RUKKY: Daddy please don't hurt him again
MAJOR: Nurse, give him the required treatment so we can take him out today
NURSE: Yes Sir, the doctor will soon be back to prescribe any required treatment that needs to be administered...

Rukky's Dad pulled her out of the room with him, and the two nurses followed them.
I was left in the room alone, feeling so weak. I quickly did some calculations based on what Rukky's Dad said, that I was not myself for 3days. That means today is Friday, because it was on Tuesday morning that the father came to visit her.
What a mess, I've missed school for the whole week. Lecturers and even student will be asking after me as the class rep of the department (HOC).
I was still thinking about school when Chekwube came into my mind, I search around me if I could see my phone and call her but I didn't find it.
It then means that my phone will be with either Rukky or her Dad...
About 10mins interval, a nurse brought food to me. It was a well cooked fried rice and chicken. I ate them all and returned the flask to her.
She gave me a piece of paper and left the room. Still feeling a bit dizzy, I placed the paper on my pocket and took a rest.
-- -- --
I woke up with a little relief. My entire body was still heavy but much better than It was. I was able to move my body freely, and do so many things I couldn't do before.
I remembered that a piece of paper was given to me by a nurse, and was about opening it when the doctor came in;
DOC: How do you feel now?
ME: A bit weak
DOC: Okay, after this injection i'm about to give you, you will be strong and can be discharge.

He used a swab of methylated spirit to clean a particular portion of my butt before piercing me with the injection.
As soon as he finished, he threw the syringe into the trash-can beside the bed and went out.
I brought out the paper again, opened it and read what was written on it;

"Dear love, I'm sorry for what I made you pass through, please forgive me. My Dad's men will be coming by 6pm to take you to the nearest Army barrack or Navy base for interrogation, which I don't want. So comply with the Nurse that will give you directives on how to flew the hospital without been caught... LUV U"

Confusion is the best terminology to use at this stage. First I had no idea of what the time is saying, secondly I don't know the particular nurse Rukky was referring to, thirdly I don't even know the hospital I was.
I was still having some taught when a nurse walked in. I taught she was the one Rukky sent;
ME: Nurse, you came at the right time, are we going now?
NURSE: You will be discharged today but not now, I was told to fix the last drip on you by the Doctor
(I was surprised with what she said)
ME: Drip?
(She placed the drip on the drip stand and fixed it to my hand)
ME: Please, what is the time?
(Nurse looking at her wrist watch)
NURSE: Its 5:32pm
ME: Okay, Thanks

The Nurse left immediately she was done. I now have nothing less than 30mins to leave the hospital.
The worst part of it was that the nurse who would have helped haven't showed up. I decided to take the risk myself.
I carefully removed the drip from my hand, and closed the flow regulator of the drip.
Immediately as I was done with that, I went to the door, opened it and came out from the room.
The outside has three different directions to follow, I was totally confused not knowing the route to take. All of a sudden I heard footsteps coming, I quickly rushed inside the room where I was admitted and laid on the bed pretending to be sleeping.
The person walked towards the room, opened the door and walked close to my bed. She tapped me to wake up that time is not on our side. I woke up, stared at her, and recognized her to be the very nurse that gave me the piece of paper and the food.
Hearing that, I quickly stood up and followed her.
We walked out on tip toe movement but was halted by a voice from behind...