Tuesday, 6 December 2016


Note: This story is 99.9% fiction, the named school is not used for bad motive rather I choose to use it because am proud to be a graduate from this very institute, hence no part of this story should be used as reference in respect to the school.

Show me a State filled with strong and heavy hearted citizen and I will show you Delta State “The Big Heart”, show me a town of discipline and free minded people and I will show you Ozoro, tell me about a school with overcrowded student situated in a small lecture hall and I will bring forward to you Ozoro Polytechnic.
This is a school in my time that helped lots of secondary school graduate who find it difficult to be admitted into one of the several higher institutions in the country, Nigeria.
I never taught of studying in a polytechnic since they don’t have most of the high professional courses such as law, medicine and surgery, pharmacology etc. Should I say condition or destiny?
Well, I found myself in this school and hopefully believed to scale through with flying colors.