Friday, 2 December 2016

Sleep Again and Get Sacked – Governor of Yobe State Sends ‘Snoring’ Commissioner Home

A sleeping commissioner who reportedly
dozed off during a 2017 Budget
presentation in Yobe state, has been sent
home by the angry Governor, Ibrahim
Gov. Ibrahim Gaidam of Yobe State on
Thursday, directed a sleeping
commissioner at the presentation of the
2017 budget to the State House of Assembly
to go home for more sleep.
The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports
that the governor had barely commenced
reading the budget speech when the
cabinet member started snoring.
Gov. Gaidam warned that any public
officer henceforth caught sleeping stood
“As from today, any commissioner or
special adviser caught sleeping stands
sacked and will immediately be replaced.
“We will borrow a leaf from the North
Korea experience to make government
affairs a serious business,”he said.
Gov. Gaidam while reviewing the budget
performance of the outgoing year paused
and directed the sleeping commissioner to
go home.
“I am referring to the commissioner who is
sleeping, you can go back home to sleep
since you cannot endure the session,”he
Although the governor did not mention the
name of the sleeping commissioner, he
pointed to the row of the commissioners to
issue the directive.
NAN reports that the bewildered
commissioners looked at each other in
embarrassment and sat up to avoid dozing
and being victims of the governor’s sledge
Adamu Dala-Dogo, speaker of the
assembly, however, advised public officers
to take beverages that would keep them
awake during public functions.