Sunday, 11 December 2016

Woman allegedly trying to sell her three children arrested in Enugu State

Odinaka Ali, a 25 year old woman from
Ezilo, in Ishielu Local Goverment of Area
of Ebonyi state has been arrested for trying
to sell her three children.
According to Desk officer of National
Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in
Persons, (NAPTIP) in Ebonyi State, Florence
Onwa, the lady was arrested by the police
after they received a tip-off from a waitress
whom she had contacted to look for a
trafficker who could buy her children
because she could no longer take care of
them after her husband abandoned them
eight months ago.
The woman has however denied trying to
sell her children stating that her arrest was
a total frame up and that all she did was to
ask the waitress for assistance in paying
her house rent. Narrating what happened,
she said, “My husband is from Amaekpo
Ohafia, Abia State. I and my husband had
issues before and we later reconciled. We
did not have any problem when he
abandoned us in April this year”. When I
stayed few weeks I did not see him, I
started doing menial jobs with my little
children to enable me feed them. I kept
doing this till it became so difficult for me
to continue it and I decided to return to my
village”. I didn’t want to sell my children
at the initial time because I passed through
caesarian operation before giving birth to
all of them. I met a girl who sells food in a
restaurant and narrated my problem to
her and she promised to assist me. l met
the girl before, so she asked me to come to
her and wait for a woman who will enter
into discussion with me. I waited for the
woman and she did not come. I did this
three times and I told the girl that I will
not come again”. She persuaded me to
continue coming and I changed my heart.
Before I could notice it, Policemen stormed
the place and started asking me what I was
doing there and the whereabouts of the
three kids I wanted to sell”. I told the
policemen that I didn’t want to sell my
babies because I gave birth to them
through operations. The policemen asked
me to follow them to their station and I
refused. They immediately invited a
policewoman who came and asked me to
follow them to the station, that I should
obey before complain and I followed them
to the station. While in the station, the girl
who asked me to come to her said I told
her to start looking for who will buy my
Godwin Igwe, head of Child Development
Department, Ministry of Women Affairs
and Social Development has called on well
meaning individuals to assist the woman
take care of the children.
“The three children and their mother just
repatriated from the Enugu Ministry of
Gender and Women Affairs to Ebonyi. The
woman is from Ishielu local government
area of Ebonyi State. When we interviewed
her, she said she is finding it very difficult
to survive let alone feed her children. She
said her purported husband abandoned
her and the children in April. She said it
was very difficult for her to be carrying the
third child of eight months old for menial
jobs and she became a wanderer. So, the
Enugu state government repatriated her.
Her mother is late and the father is very
old and has nothing doing. Her major
problem is how to eke a living. She said if
the government or public spirited
individual can assist her, she is ready to
take care of her children. If she is allowed
to continue to wander in the streets, the
children are at risk and if anybody
approaches her for the children, she can
easily release the children to the person
and they will become victims of child
trafficking. So, the Enugu government did
not repatriate her out of malice or hatred
but for safety of the children.” Mr Godwn